Fans Predictions: Who will win the next Super Bowl?


You’ve seen my Super Bowl prediction (if not then click here). Now it’s time for you guys and girls to voice your opinions. I asked the question ‘Who will win the next Super Bowl and why?’ and loads of you replied with your answers. I’ve picked some of my favourite answers for this article. Do you agree with their predictions? What are your own predictions? Leave your answers in the comments section below. Enjoy.

James Prince – @UK_VikingFan

“I think the 49ers or Seahawks could win the Super Bowl in 2013 as they look strong in all areas, but I like a dark horse and my Vikings look strong. Fantastic Draft and off season additions have filled in the holes and should take Minnesota from last year’s 10-6 team to serious play-off contenders! Pondering??”

kingie16 (NFLUK Forum)

“The AFC is very weak conference bar the Denver Broncos for this up-coming season, the only other team I would of considered was the New England Patriots, but with all of their distractions and lack of receivers for Tom Brady to throw to I’d knock them off the list.”

“The challengers in the NFC? San Francisco, Green Bay, Atlanta… I’m not a fan of the Seahawks myself, I think Russell Wilson will get found out by a lot of defenses this season, he has a habit when the pocket collapses to roll out to his right to see over the line (he isn’t the tallest fella) defenses will take advantage of this after watching game tape.”

“San Francisco could be an absolute force this season but if we go by previous trends they could be due a Super-bowl hangover, not for me.”

“Green bay have gone through the off-season adding much needed rushing weapons to their attack to take the load off Aaron Rodgers but the worry for me is the fact the defense hasn’t been addressed enough to fill those holes which the 49ers demolished last season, it pains me to say it but not this year for the Packers.”

“And here is the contender for me this year, the Atlanta Falcons. Their passing attack is up there as one of the best in the NFL and with Tony back for ‘one more’ year everything is in place for a repeat to the NFC championship game, so what takes them one step further this year? Steven Jackson that’s what! Matt Ryan will have a reliable safety blanket when plays break down (the only think Michael Turner was catching was a McDonalds).”

“Jackson can grind out the clock to finish games off the Falcons couldn’t last year too.”

“So for me it will be the Denver Broncos against the Atlanta Falcons with the Falcons getting the W, and Steven Jackson being one the best free agent pick-ups in a long time.”

Can RB Steven Jackson help his new team, the Atlanta Falcons, win the Super Bowl this season? (

Corvus corax (NFLUK Forum)

“Superbowl XLVIII – New England Patriots v San Francisco 49ers

“Pre-season worries about the Patriots lack of receivers prove to be unfounded as the Patriots go on the road in January and make it to the big show again.”

“The 49ers make a swift return to Super Sunday as they see off the much hyped Seahawks to take the NFC West division and make another deep post season run.”

“The pre-match media hype is all about ‘Will this be Tom Brady’s finest hour if he wins it all after losing Welker and Hernandez?’ and ‘Will it be 3rd time lucky for Jim Harbaugh?’”

“In the end the 49ers win it all. After a trip to the NFC Championship game in 2011 and a heartbreak loss to the Baltimore Ravens in last year’s Superbowl they finally get over the hump. Their superior defense and the X factor that Colin Kaepernick provides are the deciding factors.”

“It’s party time in the bay area.”

Wayne Ellis (NFLUK Forum)

“Two horse race in the AFC (Denver and New England), and that’s only because you can never write off the Patriots, regardless of how many problems they seem to have. It’s hard to look past San Francisco or Seattle in the NFC. Green Bay and Atlanta look their most likely challengers but only if they get to play at home. Chicago is my dark horse pick this year. No guarantees they make the Playoffs but, if they do, they’re capable of doing some real damage.”

Dolphin_Akie (NFLUK Forum)

“Going out on a limb but I’m picking the Saints to top the Patriots, Brady will make a big name receiver out of one of the rookies and Gronk will find a way to get on the field. The Saints will bounce back with Payton back as Head Coach and an improved defence that just does enough to allow its offence to win games.”

Super Bowl XLIV

New Orleans Saints last won the Super Bowl in the 2009 season. Could they do it again this season?

mde203 (NFLUK Forum)

“The 49ers are the most talented team all-round, and you can’t argue with their talent up front. The Packers have the league’s best QB and should have improved in other areas this off-season. The Saints have the potential to explode, especially with Sean Payton back in charge. The Broncos are the best team in the AFC by some way.”

I think the Broncos should make the Super Bowl, but if the Texans can last the whole year they will push them hard as they will be able to put pressure on Peyton Manning and should be able to control the ball on the ground to keep the game from getting away from them. The Patriots can never be counted out of course, but they don’t have the defense they had in ’01, ’03 or ’04 to get away with the lack of talent they have catching the ball. The Bengals are a popular outside choice but I don’t see it myself.”

“The NFC is more open and deeper in general. I think the 49ers, Falcons, Packers and Giants win their divisions, and then the Saints and Seahawks take the wildcard spots. I’m going for the surprise, unpopular pick of Atlanta. I am a big fan of Matt Ryan, and his weapons will be at their peak with the addition of Steven Jackson adding to their running game. The defense will be strong once again, and I don’t buy into the likes of Kaepernick as much as many others do- I think a solid defense with a good game plan can limit his effectiveness.”

Falcons over Broncos for me.”

Northern Soul (NFLUK Forum)

“For me the AFC is between the Broncos and the Texans. But if the Texans implode, and there is a dark horse ‘surprise’. Maybe The Bills under their Rookie QB make the Superbowl.”

The NFC seems to be in the hands of the 49ers/Hawks and my surprise South winner the Bucs.”

“(The North is a real competitive division that’s it is really tough to find the winner of, but of course that winner will be in with a great shout. The East is probably the weakest NFC division this year)”

“Right now I’d say Denver Broncos v Bucs. (Because I can even see the Rams busting the top 2 in the NFC West)”

“Gotta be a Denver win for me.”

Could the Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning win the Super Bowl this season?

Can the Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning win the Super Bowl this season? (Getty Images)

taffy699 (NFLUK Forum)

“No love for the Bengals? I can see them making the AFC Champs game….”

“Love the stat regarding bookies prices” (stat by HolyRoller10 (NFLUK Forum)):

“From this lot to win it?”








“I don’t like the AFC teams in that list- I think the Texans may have missed their boat. I think the Steelers will finish 3rd in the division again.”

“Don’t really like the Giants either- I think their division is too close to call to pick someone from the NFC East to win.”

“In my mind it leaves 1 of 4 NFC teams to win it. Based on Defense wins Championships the best Defense is the Seahawks, SO Seahawks to beak Atlanta in the NFC championship and then beat the winner of Cincinnati and Denver (if Manning can avoid basic errors in the Playoffs)”

So there is a selection of our fans opinions on ‘Who will win the next Super Bowl?’ Who do you think will win? Leave your opinion in the comments section below.

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